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    Will PPRo support new Sony HDR-AX2000 in 24P Mode?

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      The new Sony camera looks quite nice, but I am curious if the current version of PPRo will support the 24P format it delivers.  It says it encapsulates it in 60i, similar to other vendors, but not sure it will convert it over propertly to a true 24P like Adobe provides support for the Panasonic cameras.

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          skeeze Level 1

          If you leave it encapsulated inside the 60i and put it inside a 60i timeline it will play just fine, but won't be true 24P (although will maintain the same general look, it is just interlaced and you won't have full progressive frames which may or may not matter depending on what you are doing).  If you want a true 24P timeline you will need 3rd party software to extract it, like Cineform's Neoscene which worked great on my Canon cameras which also encapsulate inside of 60i.  I have seen in blog posts where people have tested with the new Sony and said Cineform works fine.


          A couple of notes on the AX2000, by the time you factor everything in and all the accessories, etc, the HXRNX5U (it's more advanced brother) to me is a better buy and in my opinion will get a better resale.  However, you may also want to consider the HMC150 from Panasonic, I also was tempted to get the Sony, but just bought the HMC150 because of a number of reasons.  Even though it doesn't have the 20x zoom, it has comparible low light performance, better colors, a better way to focus (which is very important with HD content), can write to true 24P without having to do any conversion, and it is much lighter and has a proven track record.  With CS5 coming out now and having the ability to truly take advantage of the GPU, memory and multiple cores, it is going to be possible now to edit natively in PPRo without doing any conversions and I for one really look forward to that because when you convert to something like cineform you are making much larger files and it adds to the workflow time as well.  With the Panasonic you just record in 24P mode (720 or 1080), copy it to your hard drive and you are ready to edit.  There are still some advantages to the Cineform codec, like 10 bit 4:2:2 color, but depending on what you are doing you may not need it.


          Hope this helps.  It would be interesting to here from anyone who had the HMC that also uses the Sony.