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    Need help In Japan

    Ghanem AL-Romaithi

            Hi, I recently got interested in After Effects. I downloaded the trail ver. now I want to buy the software but the problem is, I live in Japan. I asked some of the shops here about whether I would have an option to change the language or not. the only response I get from all of them is "its in Japanese" so my question is:


      1. Do all Adobe Products come with Multi-language pack or not.
      2. Or, Dose the Japanese Adobe produce softwares come with a Multi-language pack?



      Thank you,
      G. AL Romaithi

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          1. Do all Adobe Products come with Multi-language pack or not.


          No. You can only change the language in After Effects (built-in feature), and there are ways to install additional language packs in Dreamweaver, Flash and Acrobat. All other programs are locked in the language chosen on install or dictated by the serial number. However, since the programs are developed in English, that language should be available on any of the installers as "International English". Also note, that e.g. shared components like Bridge will always auto-configure themselves to run in the operating system language. So if your OS runs Japanese, Bridge will be Japanese, but you would still be able to launch AE in English. Anyway, Adobe maintains a Japanese support, so why not give them a call? You can also always order other language versions from the official Adobe store, it may just require you to initiate the purchase via an individual mail contact, not from the web frontend.