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    Clipping Paths + live paint?


      Hi all

      I have a group of shapes that I am trying to use live paint on. However all attempts to apply the tool have given me the following error -      

      "the selection contains objects that cannot be converted. Live paint groups can only contain paths and compound paths. Clipping paths are not allowed."


      i used the release clipping path command. Didn't work; it created a visual abomination that I screenshotted for your amusement. The second image below is the shape with the mask applied. So the second image is what I want it to look like, but is the one that I cannot edit with live paint.






      Hope I made that clear?


      How do I get over this problem and convert these to a live paint group that looks like it's supposed to?


      Many thanks in advance for your help, it is such a wonderful supportive community we have here.