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    Flash player will not play on certain sites


      Right before Xmas, I discovered I suddenly could not access Flash embedded content on certain websites, but could on others. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and upgrading but with no success. Adobe phone support has proven less than worthless. So here I am.


      Not ssure why Flash will not play on certain sites.For example, it works fine on these sites:


      http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2804547/Extremist-Islam-group-to-get-b an.html





      But it suddenly refuses to work on this site no matter what I do:




      I have Windows Vista Premium Home edition, I'm using both IE v.7.0.6001.18000 and Firefox 3.5.3. It acts the same in either browser. I'm running Avast anti-virus and Windows Firewall, but I have that site whitelisted and I've never changed settings so I assume it can't be either of those programs causing it.


      I went to the Flash test page and it says I have Flash version Win, with "No" on debug and "yes" for audio, video, and local I/O, whatever that is. Can you please help? Thanks!

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi Newbie, that website that you can't get to work is not you, it is the website. Something is wrong with the link. Try to go to the main web site and then look for the article you want.


          I use Avast and don't have any problem with it at all.


          Other than that particular website, are you having problems on youtube, playing videos, etc?


          Have you received a prompt on your desktop from Adobe advising that an update is available for Flash Player?


          If not, I'll give you directions for updating to the latest version which is FP





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            Newbie-guy Level 1

            Thanks eidnolb!


            Actually, that's how that site works. When I used to go there, a little black box shows, and there is a list of video-articles that you can click on and play. I can scroll up and down that list, and it shows an image from each video with some writing telling what each is about. But when I clock on one of them, at the bottom of my browser it says:


            "Transfering date from l.player.ooyala.com"


            And then it says "Done" but nothing happens. I've never had problems with it before. Here is a list of the articles available, but they all take me to the same page:




            Again, I never had problems playing this before, and I called customer service at the site and no one has reported problems playing it during the past several months except me apparently. Just for curiosity, I went to anonymous.com, and anonymizer site, and when I load the page there it says "content unavailable".


            Haven't gotten any prompts about udates, and don't have any trouble playing videos or youtube stuff. Just at that site. So my first step is to upgrade Flash?

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              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

              Hi Newbie-guy, The site itself may not be a problem, however where they retreive the content from may. You said

              when you click on one of the videos to play, your browser shows "transferring from.... There is a problem there.


              Also there also may be a problem with the website itself. You noticed this around Christmas. Did you update your FP

              to vs at that time?


              Here is what happens sometimes. The user updates his Flash Player to the latest version, and goes to a website and it doesn't work. Now what can happen, is that the Website has not updated, so a problem. Or the other way around, the

              Website updates and the user has not. That is when the user gets the message to update their Flash Player/Java etc.


              If a Website has not updated their technology, say from vs 9, and the user has the latest version, the site will not work.

              Now you can be sure the Website is not going to tell you that they are behind and have not updated. LOL


              I think you have to accept that this is a Website/content site issue.


              On the update, I would wait another week or so. You should receive the Adobe prompt to update and it is all done

              automatically. I always update that way. Post back if you don't receive a prompt and you can do it manually.




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                Newbie-guy Level 1

                Ok, so two questions. Should I ask the website admin which version they're using? And how do I update mine and make sure I have all the right components installed (Flash player, Active X, etc)? Ok, make it three questions...if I update mine to a higher version, will it still be able to play content on the website if they have an earlier version? I'm assuming the problem only happens if my player is older than what's needed on the website, but wouldn't that give me a warning saying that I need to upgrade to view the content?

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                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                  Hi, The website as far as I know probably don't have a "version" per se, like we think of it. What and how their technology

                  is done I have no idea. I don't think it is the site itself. It appears to me to be coming from where you see the "transferring

                  from.... I couldn't quite make out that address. Is it 1.... or is the first digit an l (L)? Is that a player that you then access?


                  I guess I don't quite understand it. It appears to me that you have a player on your computer and it accesses that player?

                  Perhaps I am just confused. You will have to tell me how it works.


                  If you don't get a prompt, I have all of the instructions to update both for IE and FF. I just type them up on the thread and you follow them. I just posted one this morning(I think it was morning) for FF and then the link for IE. The thread is


                  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/581376?tstart=0  You can put this info on notepad and put it in a folder on your Desktop and that way you have it.


                  Or you can just post back on your thread here. After you Uninstall/Install you just go to the Flash folder and check the files and a couple of other things to make sure everything is installed, no problem, easy to do.


                  On updating and the websites not doing so. That all depends, it can happen but usually only if the website has old technology. Those probably wouldn't work now. Some websites work with different versions. Similar to youtube, they support IE6, IE7, IE8, FF and Chrome.


                  Have you been to youtube since the update of Flash Player has come out? Did you get a message?


                  Let me know.


                  P.S. I'm signing off. I'll read your post manana.