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    PageMaker7.0 vs Office2007

    ugo pint

      Hi all,

      i've got pagemaker 7.0 and when i copy-pasteSPECIAL some data from excel2007 i get an error and i can't paste from clipboard, but if i try to paste data from excel2000, it works well..

      Note that my friends in germany can copy-pasteSPECIAL data from excel2007 to pagemaker7 without any error


      PageMaker7.0 ITA

      Excel 2007 (12.0.4518.1014)


      Can anyone help me, please?

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          BigJohnD Level 3

          The only advice you will get here about Insert Object/ Paste -> Special is don't do it.

          As you have found out, it's unreliable.

          And PM was pensioned off well before Office2007 came into being.



          From the old AdobeForums FAQs:


          • Do NOT use Insert Object or Paste Special

          Object Linking and Embedding is highly problematic in the Postscript environment (e.g. creating PDFs), severely restricts portability (other applications have to be present) and is really only present in PageMaker to gain Microsoft approval as a Windows application. It has been dispensed with in newer applications, e.g. InDesign.



          • ONLY use File>Place to bring graphics into PageMaker

          When placing images in a PageMaker file, the following message appears:“The graphic in the linked file would occupy xxxxxxx bytes in the publication. Include the complete copy in the publication anyway?”The correct answer to this question is always "NO".

          (You can permanently avoid this popup in future docs by unchecking "store copy in publication" under Element -> Link Options with no publication open. You can do the same to avoid further prompts in pre-existing documents.)



          • Importing tables from Excel or Word
          1. Select and Copy the table from Word or Excel and Paste into Illustrator (or Paste Special into CorelDRAW, which is reported to work better for this procedure).
          2. Save as a CMYK EPS
          3. Place this EPS in PageMaker.This is probably the most straightforward and high-end-output-friendly, since the EPS will separate CMYK.
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            ugo pint Level 1

            Ok, but what about my german friends that can do it?

            Is there any way to do this operation or i always must pass through CorelDRAW?

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              BigJohnD Level 3

              Save the MSO files in 97 format?


              The long term answer is move to a modern contemporary application, like InDesign.  Use your PM Licence number for a discount.


              Using PM is only going to cause problems, resolved by complicated workarounds, as you've found out, because it's not fit for your purposes.

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                ugo pint Level 1

                Ok, thank you!