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    How to stop playing SWF file?


      I have imported swf file from Flash CS4. Next I try to stop this swf in Flex 3.
      But next code is not react. When I start it - the swf movie does not stop.


      Also when I try to view totalFrames like Alert.show(floorClip.totalFrames.toString()) it shows 0.


      What I do wrong? Please help


      private var prisonFloor:Class;


      var floorClip:MovieClip = MovieClip(new prisonFloor());
      gateFloor.source = floorClip;  // gateFloor it's <mx:Image> id
      floorClip.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, checkFrm);


      public function checkFrm(event:Event):void {
        if (event.target.currentFrame == event.target.totalFrames) {