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    Possible to Parse on(...) Script in Buttons ?


      Hi everyone,


      I've a "little" Problem that goes beyond my ActionsScript 2 Knowledge so I hope anybody has an Idea or can confirm that what I need to do isn’t possible.


      I got an existing Flash-Project written with ActionScript 2 in this Project is a Graphic with lots of Buttons on it. Each Button has "on(...) {}" Script's assigned, in this Script are "getURL"-Functions that call JavaScript and within that JavaScript-Function-Call (a String passed to getURL) the JavaScript Function get's an ID as Parameter.


      Now, I ‘am supposed to write a Script that "walks" recursively trough this Flash-Project and collects all these ID's that are Parameters of the JavaScript-Function-Call.


      So what I've done so far is a Function that can recursively walk through the Flash-Project and find every Button this way. But now I don't know (and don't think it's possible) how to get the ID out of the JavaScript-Function-Call.


      To get you in the Picture, here is an Example Code that is associated to one of these Buttons:
      on(release) {




      My Script knows that Button but, I don't know if I can somehow find out that there is a "275" as ID.


      Any Ideas or at last a "This is not Possible" ?


      greetz b.Schreiber