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    Publishing to SWF


      whenever i publish the file for distribution (its my portfolio so i am intending to give it to potential employers) and try to view it on another computer, it either doesnt work or they are issues with the images-is there anyway i can embed the images and text so its just a simple flash file that can be viewed on other machines.


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          acath Level 4

          Hi James,


          When you publish from Catalyst, your project IS one simple SWF that you should be able to view on any machine.


          One potential confusion is that there are two versions of the published project: run-local, which you should use if you are running the SWF directly from your machine, and deploy-to-web, which you can drop on your web server and then access through a web browser.


          What kind of problems are you having?



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            jamesstunter Level 1

            Thanks adam!!!!thats exactly what i was doing wrong!ure a freaking life saver!thanks again!!!!!!!