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    Newbie Hits a wall


      I have belatedly entered web design. I have,with the aid of a lot of video tutorials, been getting on OK. But have hit a few problems over the last day or so.


      I have a site published, looks ok but a few days ago I created a page which accessed a mysql database with the intention of dynamically changing the page each day. I was able to get it accessing the data and updating on the webpage (although I could not get the data to change each day) but to do this I had to fill in the testing server details and there my problems start. My host provider requires my public pages to be placed in the public_html folder, while the mysql.php files are in another folder in the root directory .


      I have tried to define them separately but while it looks like it should work the 2 cannot co-exist when I can access the database all "put" files go into the root directory and when I define public_html as the host directory the database cannot be read!


      To compound things my browser preview now wants to preview from the host server and I cannot get it back to viewing locally


      If I were not already folically challenged I would be pulling my hair out!


      If someone could point me in the right direction I would be gratefull

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          Paul.S.Kyle Level 1

          Further to my last.


          I redifined the site severel times and I can now access both the DB and Put files in the right directories.


          What I still cannot get to work:


          1. Even with the "preview using temorary files ticked" DW is uploading to my host and viewing a Temp file online (all browser's are the same)


          2. I do not know how to advance the date in the webpage to bring the new days informatopn form MYSql