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    How to "chain" two or more FLV video's so one plays after another?


      We want to "chain" multiple FLV video's on the same web page.

      We can combine them in my video editor but the resulting file is over 30 minutes long.

      But, I'm hopeful that we can do this using code in the web page so...


      1 - We convert each AVI video to FLV video and then "publish" it locally to get the associated files.


      2 - Then combine the HTML as necessary to have one video play right after the other.


      My question is how?


      Can I just...

      - copy the javascript AC_FL_RunContent code and change the 'name' and 'movie to be the name of the next video.

      - and then do the same thing for the object code?


      or is there a shorter or more easy way to do this?


      Finally, is this the best forum for Flash FLV questions?


      Thanks for any help on this.


      PS - I know some will want to know why we want to chain short videos instead of just making one long video but the explination is long and will bog down the discussion.