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    How to hide text in Indesign CS4




      I am automating the process of art placement in the indesign pages.

      my workflow for  art placement is:


      1. An art reference tag is placed in the main text. This is the page where the art to be placed. The tag looks likes "{{artref art1}}"

      2. An art object tag is placed in a separate text frame and is grouped withn graphics frame. The tag looks "{{art art1}}"


      When I run the script, the script searchs the {artref} tag and get its id value art1, then it searches the art tag {art} with the same id (art1). Once it is find, the script moves that image to the reference page (either top or bottom).


      Everything works fine with the script.




      What I want is, after all the images are placed, I want to hide (make invisible,non printable character and it should not ocupy any spaces) both the reference tag {{artref art1}} and art tag {{art art1}}.


      Is there any method to hide the text within the indesign document so that I can use this later.