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    Getting Started with Flex and Java RPC for Free?

      Good Morning,

      Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to post- I'm just having trouble wrapping my head around what is and what isn't available for free in the Adobe Flex world.

      I've been working on an application for the last few months using Open Laszlo ( http://www.openlaszlo.org/), but I've been running into frustrations with their lack of up-to-date documentation, and I've found it difficult to bring new people into the project, since the set of users who know it is so small.
      While I do like that I can compile to DHTML, that's not enough to hold me there.

      I've been looking into Adobe Flex, and it seems like a good alternative- I'm comfortable paying $500 for the IDE-
      I use Eclipse currently, so having a plugin for it sounds ideal. That said, when I look into ways to talk to a Java backend, everything points to Flex Data services, which is now part of some larger package costing tens of thousands of dollars.

      I don't need advanced messages, or data synchronization, as nice as it would be.. All I really need is the ability to call a Java method, and get an object back, which I can then work with in Flex.

      I see the forum message that asks "How do I 'do' Flash for free?, but this only talks about RPC very broadly. Given that the message is from over a year ago, I thought it would be better form to start a new topic, than replying to it.

      Can someone explain to me what components I'd need, both on the client side and the server side?
      Is there a set of manuals that explain how to do Flex RPC from Java?
      Can Flex compile to any versions of flash earlier than 9? (Flash 6/7 is still in wide deployment)
      Do I want to start using Flex 2, or Flex 3? Are the components compatible? Will the F3 docs be ready?

      Finally, where can I purchase the Charting components? The ability to create charts such as this overcome a decent price barrier.

      Thank you for any insight you can offer, and direction you can provide.