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    Sony EX1 files - audio not appearing on timeline

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      I have a bunch of clips from an interview shoot I did yesterday with an EX1.


      Under the BPAV folder and sub folders, these files are named from 0823_0347 to 0823_0354 inclusive. Some of them appear to be split into several sub-files which Premiere does for some reason.


      Last night, I imported the files into Premiere with no problems, but three of the files (files 0349, 0350 and 0351) do not seem to have any audio showing up in Premiere. When I import them, I don't get the usual progress bar at the bottom right of the screen to tell me the audio is being conformed.


      The other files are fine.


      I just deleted the CFA files for all of the video files, in the hope that Premiere would re-confirm the lot, but it seems to be re-conforming everything except those three problem files. They were recorded in the same session with the same settings, as the other files, and they definitely do have audio as I have played them out from my Sony software.


      Any ideas where I'm going wrong??