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    How do I get my autogenerated service code to update

    nikos101 Level 2

      If I add some extra columns to me database table , how do I get my autogenerated service code to update? I know how to refresh the service but that doesn't appear to update any of the stuff like this with the new columns


           // initialize property maps
              if (model_internal::dependentsOnMap == null)
                  // depenents map
                  model_internal::dependentsOnMap = new Object();
                  model_internal::dependentsOnMap["noticeID"] = new Array();
                  model_internal::dependentsOnMap["text"] = new Array();
                  model_internal::dependentsOnMap["title"] = new Array();
                  model_internal::dependentsOnMap["categoryID"] = new Array();
                  model_internal::dependentsOnMap["createdDate"] = new Array();