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    "Character" font family selecion glitch


      I'm running Illustrator CS4 and I have incountered a strange glitch.


      When I type a word I like to see what that word would look like in all the fonts I have available so I click on the font family under the Character tab and start hitting arrow down on my keyboard to cycle through the fonts.  But I've noticed at certain points it will jump all the way to the bottom of my font family list for no known reason skipping all the fonts in the middle.  I've tryed starting at the bottom and arrowing up with the same results and there does not seem to be a pattern.  In other words, there doesn't seem to be one specific font that causes this glitch and it doesn't seem to be after a curtain number of keystrokes.  This is VERY annoying since there is no easy way to cycle through fonts without individually selecting the font and opening the tab again to change and view every font choice.  I've considered deleting some fonts but since it seems so random it leads me to believe this won't help.


      Has anyone else incountered this or heard of similar problems?


      Thank you in advance.