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    Best quality for streaming


      I have some high-quality footage, shot at 1920x1080. I want to encode it to a WMV or FLV file and scale it to 550 px horizontal, 309 vertical. I arrive at these dimensions by dragging either of the two dimensions in AME with constrain checked. When I try to save that profile, I get an error message that it is an invalid frame size. It appears that the dimensions have to be integers, is that correct?


      Second, I have started with the Windows Media preset, then selected one of the sub-presets involving NTSC. In each case, the resulting video is posterized, as though working with a different color palette.


      I am trying to arrive at an image size and format that will give me high quality for streaming and which will not need to be re-scaled when I embed it into a web page.


      What is the best way for me to accomplish this?


      Joe Parsons