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    Flash Builder4 Web Services introspection fails




      I really hope someone can help me. I'm trialling  Flash Builder for a demo at my company. I am trying to import a web  service as part of that demo. I am using the Data -> Connect to Web  Service... menu option. I enter the URL for the wsdl, hit next and then  it just sits there with a dialog box showing the term "Introspecting the  service..."


      I get no error and can cancel it, allowing me to return to Flash Builder.


      I have tried the same with other web services and it does seem to work. However this WSDL works fine with SOAPUI and indeed Flex Builder3 seems to complete an import.


      Attached is the WSDL in question (please note both Flash Builder and the service endpoint are on the same machine (iMac) so the use of localhost isn't a problem)


      Is this a know issue, i've take a look and can't see anything with the same problem.


      Any assistance is much appreciated.