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    Audio Mix & Render

    RGPatt Level 1

      I have a composition that contains two audio tracks.  One is from a nested comp.  When I do a RAM preview I hear the two tracks mixed properly and adjusted by the audio levels control.  When I render the composition I either get no audio or only one of the tracks seemingly unadjusted by the levels control.  The output module is set to audio at 48,000.  Both the files and the project are 48,000.  I first rendered the work area as Lossless Animation Quicktime and got no audio at all.  I then tried NTSC DV and got the one unadjusted track.  I am working in AE CS3 on an Intel Mac running 10.5.8.


      I'd appreciate any suggestions for things to look at or try.  Thanks.

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          RGPatt Level 1

          Well... My problem went away just as mysteriously as it appeared.  After my computer had a good night's rest I tried rendering the comp again with lossless animation and I got mixed audio just as I had originally expected.


          I suspect the problem may be a memory problem somewhere.  I am getting errors from After Effects saying that it does not have sufficient memory to do something occasionally.  Purging things seems to cure the immediate problem, but I suspect I there may be a memory leak somewhere.  The composition consists of still photos and animated text layers with a lot of animated masks.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            When rendering, did you have any other audio applications running, e.g. iTunes, a web radio and so on? These may effectively have interfered with AE since as of CS3 it more directly hooks into your audio hardware to accelerate playback and mixing by means of DirectSound/ quicktime, respectively, instead of just software. While working this may not have been noticable, but when you were rendering and may have had another of those programs in the foreground, audio device priorities may have been adjusted and/or your audio driver enabled some specific modes that resulted in incorrect background audio processing...



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              Thanks.  I'm pretty sure I didn't have any other audio application running in the foreground.  I may have had iTunes or Soundtrack Pro open but idle.  I'll keep this in mind and check other applications if I run into the problem again.