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    Video/Display Issues? Some Tips

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      Video issues can crop up and manifest themselves in all sorts of ways with an NLE (Non Linear Editor). It could be a failure to launch, odd playback issues or strange display of the GUI (Graphical User interface). There can be more issues too. Some might easily be traced to the video, but some can seem unrelated to video.


      Unlike most programs, an NLE works very closely with the video (and audio) driver. Because other programs have no issues, does not mean that there is not an issue with the video driver.


      As has been suggested in several FAQ entries, updating to the latest driver for your video card/chip is a good idea, and the first thing recommended.


      Be aware that some newer video drivers might have new “features,” that do not work well with one’s NLE. Most of these features have been extreme gamer-only features, so one might need to do research on newer video drivers, especially if they are higher-end gamer cards - like most are today, because it’s the gaming market that drives video card development first.


      Another video setting, that can cause things to not function properly is Hardware Acceleration. This is often set from the OS. The exact location will differ, depending on the OS and its version. If one’s Hardware Acceleration is set to min., setting it to max. might fix things. The same if it’s set to max., then setting it to min. might be helpful. If either helps, then experiment by incrementing the setting Up/Down might be useful. If one increments and the problems return, then back off (Up, or Down) one increment.


      OpenGL can affect how an NLE (or image editor) works with the video card. Turning this ON, or OFF can be useful. Depends on a lot of factors, but trying each setting has been useful to many.


      Note: while an NLE works very closely with the video driver, having a “killer” video card is not necessary, as most of the features on such a card cannot be used by the NLE program. A very fast GPU and tons of VRAM, is not necessary, and most of it cannot be utilized. This is changing, but for the moment having a professional 3D video card with 2GB of VRAM will only eat a hole in your pocketbook, and will perform no better than a mid-level card. For the next generation of NLE’s and image editors, things will likely change.


      Hope that this helps,