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    Eclipse EE (eclipse.buildId=I20070625-1500) Installation works but ....


      By default i use a clean Eclipse EE (eclipse.buildId=I20070625-1500) Installation
      and use the feature of linked plugins. This is a great feature, because all
      plugins will be loacated in a own folder and do not touch the base eclipse
      Installation. It was used primarily to manage or test product extensions.

      Linked plugins:
      Create a folder under your Eclipse installation named "links".
      Than place a file there "flexbuilder3.lnk" with the entry
      path=F:\\AdobeFlexBuilder3\\eclipse. The path is the location
      for your installed Flexbuilder 3.

      Restart Eclipse and now all the plugins and feature descriptions
      should be read from the path referred by the “link” files.

      Bad News:
      All other plugins like PHPIDE, Aptana, Ant4Eclipse... will work with perfect,
      but the Flexbuilder Plugin will only run with a lot of errors.

      Good News:
      Now i add a add the "F:/AdobeFlexBuilder3/com.adobe.flexbuilder.update.site"
      as a Eclipse Update New Local Site. This will add all flexbuilder plugins-
      and features files to the Eclipse folder plugins and features.

      This is the only way, that i found, to run Flexbuilder 3 (flex_3.0.183654)
      with Eclipse EE.

      The bad news are, that with this installation the clean Installation of
      Eclipse (the “Easy” way of installing Eclipse Plugins) will be destroyed.

      The “Copy” approach just bloats the eclipse installation and you cannot
      remove/uninstall the plugin easily. With links approach, you can just remove the “link”
      file and the plugin is uninstalled.