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      Can anyone explain how I use the compatibility mode to install PageMaker 6.5 on my computer, from the cd.  I am using Windows 7 and have not been able to install/run PageMaker.  Others have suggested I just change the compatibility mode back to Windows xp, but my attempts have been unsuccessful.  As you may be able to tell, I am not very computer savvy, so any simplistice instructions would be much appreciated.

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          BigJohnD Level 3

          Would you try to install Word97 on Win7?  No, because it's last century.

          PM6.5 is NOT even supported on WinXP.  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/520836


          Either upgrade to PM7, find a Win98SE PC, or better still, use your Licence Number to get a discounted upgrade to InDesign,

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            Ian C. Matthew Level 2

            As BigJohn says PM is dead and development has ceased. InDesign is the effective PM replacement (as well as being QuarkXpress's main rival). For this reason alone, I'd even consider looking outide Adobe and take a gander at PagePlus.


            That said, if you need PM7, then one possible option is to use Win 7's Win XP mode. This effectively runs a copy of Win XP in a virtual space within Win 7. It allows you to run many old apps written for Win XP, 2000, 98, 95 and even DOS!!!! It may or may not work with PM 7.


            There are a couple of caveats mind. Firstly, you need to be running a copy of Win 7 Pro or Ultimate. Starter or Home premium will not work. Secondly, your PC's CPU needs to have virtualisation tehcnology built into it. There is a tool from Intel that can check this for you.Win XP mode should not be seen as a total solution unless an app is so old and there is absolutely NO replacement, upgrade or equivelant on the market. This can be said of a small DOS app I use in Win XP mode. It cannot be said of PM.


            Hope this helps!



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              ReneGnam Level 1

              Hmmm. Are you saying that PM 7 works on Win7? I just asked Dell rep "Zach" in Nashville that question as I'm considering a Windows 7 Laptop. He told me there's "no way" that PageMaker 7.0 will run on Windows 7.0. Please let me know what's true as this is an important issue to me!


              BTW, yes, I would install Word97 on Win7. Word97 is faster, more intuitive, and better with style sheets that all versions of Word since. OO Writer even beats the late versions of Word. JMHO.

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                Ian C. Matthew Level 2

                Well, PM7 will probably have a hard time on Win 7. So Zach is right. It may work -  for those lucky few. Even then I'd not risk it as disaster could happen at the most crucial points. Bear in mind, this is installing PM 7 directly into Win 7 I'm talking about. I mentioned Win XP mode as this virtual version of XP should run PM7 better than native Win 7. However, this should not be considered a long term solution when other options (InDesign, PagePlus) exist. For old programs whee there is no clear upgrade path or viable alternative, it is the best solution.


                P.S. Your CPU no longer needs virtualisation built in to run XP mode!



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                  ReneGnam Level 1

                  Thank you, Ian.

                  FYI, Dell has a new policy. They no longer will sell you a Win7 machine with the XP mode option for "personal" or "home" use. Such machines are now only available through Dell's "business" division, and cost more than their "home" machines with the same options installed.

                  I guess this will take a while to resolve.

                  My main concern is a PM 6.5 pub that's 71,337 KB right now (539 pages with over 200 placed items). Yes, I know I should break it into smaller pubs, but then I can't use it effectively as I use it as a base to create other pubs that utilize dozens of pages from throughout the large pub. It works perfectly on XP on 3 computers. Importing into PM 7 means extension editing and respecifying of fonts, spacing, and other items that 7 doesn't understand. Pulling it into ID yields a mess. So I'll consider your PagePlus recommendation, although that didn't work well (several iterations ago).

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                    BigJohnD Level 3

                    If you really must use PM6.5, use a PC with a contemporary version of Windows, such as Win98SE or Win2K.

                    Similarly for PM7, use Win2K or WinXP.


                    As you've found out, you are having far too many problems with the latest version of Windows, amnd even if you manage to install it on Win7, brace yourself for printing problems.


                    PM is ancient, and Adobe are not prepared to continue pointless development when InDesign leads the way.

                    IMO, they should stop selling it, but in the meantime use its licence number to buy a discounted version of InDesign - you'll not regret it.

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                      ReneGnam Level 1

                      Thank you...but, converting that pub to InDesign

                      "yields a mess" as I stated above. Kerning is way off or non-existant

                      (some pghs kerned wrongly, others unkerned)...links

                      are lost...some WMF placed files won't print...

                      EPS files don't display right...column widths aren't stable...half-point fonts don't come out well (e.g. 13.5 on 14.25)...etc.

                      InDesign has been an expensive lesson in what not to do with a large older publication.

                      But that's my experience with the pub I mentioned. Other users might have similar size publications that work fine with InD.


                      But in reading your reply a second time, I guess you're saying that I should forever maintain an older computer so I can handle and continually update this massive file. Fine, but that means I can't put it on a nifty laptop and access it wherever I travel.


                      Maybe I;ve been crossing my fingers too much.

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                        BigJohnD Level 3

                        Yes you are riding your luck with PM on the latest version of windows.  There is a disaster waiting to happen.  Your huge file is potentially dodgy in itself, and needs splitting and checking.  Make sure you have not embedded ANY file - they are all linked and only linked.  If you''ve "pasted special" any files, then all bets are off.


                        Using WMF files is one of your problems - Limitations of Metafile formats (EMF, WMF) when printing PostScript from PageMaker - and these images are prone to shifting around the page. There are ways to resolve the kerning issues when converting to INDD but I've forgotten how.


                        And I've never had problems with oddball font sizes (are you using the style palette?) or EPS files, though I agree a PMD file converted to INDD does require page-by-page checking and tidying up.


                        And yes, to persist with PM means an old OS and probably an old PC.

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                          ReneGnam Level 1

                          Thank you, John, for the very good info on WMF files. I appreciate your steering me on this.


                          NO...I don't embed files. Takes too much room. I agree with you that linking is sufficient.


                          NO...the file is not "dodgy". I've been using it weekly since I originally created it back in Win 3.1.1 days. I believe (but can't prove this) one of the reasons why it continues to work flawlessly is that I never "save" it. I always use "save as" and give it a new name, hence automatically stripping out debris.


                          YES...I use styles on some stories placed in the file, but not on all.


                          FYI...evidence that this file is very workable is that yesterday I made a selection of the first 450 of its pages to convert to a PDF file (using Distiller 5) and it worked perfectly, even finding the two EPS files with broken links so I could replace them.


                          At the risk of summoning up stomach pains and mental woes, what do you know about Serif's Page Plus as a possible resource on this? I've been told (not verified yet) that like PM, it can place PDF files, but unlike PM, it can edit placed PDF files. That might be a solution if it's true.