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    Isometric grid

    DJ Gecko Level 1

      I need to be able to easily make an isometric grid so I can use it as a guide.  It doesn't need to have lock into position or anything, I just need a back ground image so i can layout isometric objects for an isometric game.  I need something that will allow me to easily set the row and column count, change the angle and width of the tiles, as well as the ratio.  I've been looking for a day now and I can't find anything like this.  Is everyone creating grid guides by hand?  if so, how do you change the grid when needed?  Adobe really needs to add more tools for making isometric games, and games in general.  HTML5 is going to replace a lot of Flash work, but Flash is still going to be needed to make games, for a long time, so Adobe needs to facilitate game designers.


      Does anyone know how to easily build and adjust grids so I can make an isometric grid?