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    PrPro...Soundbooth,AfterEffects also applies: BOSE Companion 5 USB speakers -> No audio input!


      Several things at play with this audio setup on an Intel board 2.8GHz HT CPU, 4(6)GB ram running Window Vista Ultimate but with respect to USB speakers and stereo mix input, Vegas odds are ... ain't gonna happen.


      None of the Adobe audio manipulation front-ends will record audio from stereo mix as it stands in Vista. There is a native Intel package called IDTAudio which stands alone as the Windows hardware audio proxy and it enumerates system devices found on Intel's board. That is, the front & back jacks, etc.


      But BOSE USB speakers are independant 5.1 sound simulators and present no venue as far as input for Adobe.


      Please advise:


           Is there any way BOSE USB speakers and audio generated by the Intel hardware can be routed through any Adobe product (Premiere Pro, Soundbooth, AfterEffects)


      (Note: disabling USB speakers in windows sound and enabling all other board audio input&output devices will activate Adobe inputs in each of the above apps and recording can be done; but without monitor capabilities. The recordings can be played back after reenabling USB speakers & redisabling the default audio output devices.


           Not the end of the story though:


                Any audio recorded [then played back ... on the same system (sp?)] is RICHLY & DEEPLY reverb/echo altered.


      Thanks in advance!