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    ScrollBar with ease effect

    Luis Pedro Ferreira

      Hi all. I wonder if it's possible to add some ease effect to a scrolling component.


      What i mean is by having a DataGroup, with data bigger than its height, which we need to scroll up and down to see everything.

      By the time we go up and down dragging the scroll thumb, the list will move with an ease effect.


      Is it possible?

      Thank you

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          David_F57 Level 5



          Anything is possible


          With scrolling I would assume that you would want to do something like paging rather than the standard pixel by pixel type scroll.


          Consider this, if you drag the thumb and had an 'ease' effect on the scroll rect it may become quite unstable and actually become jerky which is the opposite to what you want. If you click on the track then you are requesting a percentage scroll which allows easing to be more effective (and easier to calculate) . Now if you have pure paging then easing would work nicely, by paging I am not talking about having a fixed scroll value.


          If you override scroll behaviour you could have a set of scroll positions set to 'gaps' between components, maybe by 25% at a time.


          There are also properties in a scroller that let you programtically control objects from being scrolled to partially visible positions, very nice when using image lists.


          Thats the long descriptive answer, yes you can, you need to do a little work with overriding scroller functionality by passing new view positions to a property animator(yep FB has animators for component properties).


          Chet Haase is the resident guru on effects, animations etc and has some excellent Adobe TV tutorials, its something you should have a look at.




          Peter deHaan has a blog which overflows with clear easy to follow tutorials





          Between the two it will give you an idea whether its something you want to try to do, if you run into problems then you have the forums to help.