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    Moving Back and Forth

    Ann22 Level 1
      I have a button on my main page wth the following:

      on (rollOver) {

      The GlowButtonOne movie plays.

      If I click the button in the movie:

      on (release) {loadMovieNum("AboutUs.swf", 2);

      it loads another page and the movie clip event for mouse down runs:

      onClipEvent (mouseDown) {

      the movie stops but I'm on the timeline inside the movie and I want to be on the timeline where I started on the home page. I'm new to this so I may have done it in a round about way but I just need to get back to my original starting point. I've tried using myParent but that just keeps the movie running. If what I've done isn't too confusing and there is a way to get back to my original page I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.