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    Issue printing PDF Packages


      I'm having issues printing PDF Packages.Clients have contacted us stating that our PDF Packages don't print properly. Essentially they were only able to print the "coversheet" and nothing else. I ran some test scenarios and noted that PDF Packages print feature behaved differently depending on several criterias:


      1. how it was viewed (ie: desktop, Firefox browser, IE browser)
      2. what Adobe Reader Plugin
      3. what command was used to access print feature (ie: file>print, ctrl + P, print icon)


      So far I've noticed that Adobe Reader utilizes two versions of the Print Dialog Box. The first one shows four choices for "Print Range" (All, Current View, Current Page, Pages...) seems to always be misconfigured and does not print as intended. The second one I've noticed seems to limit your Print Range choices (All, Current View) which usually works.




      This seems to be an Adobe bug. This Print Bug exists on both Acrobat 8 and 9, and the bug may or may not exist depending on how you view the "PDF Package" (ie: Desktop, Firefox, IE).



      If you open the PDF Package on your desktop and view via Adobe Reader for the most part it prints as expected for "Print Current Documents" or "Print All Documents". Although the "Print Range" is misaligned (ie: "Print All" behaves as "Current View", "Current View" behaves as "Current Page".



      If you open the PDF Package on a browser with an Adobe Reader plugin, a different scenario occurs.

      You might experience that you're locked into printing only the "coversheet" of the PDF Package.

      And again your "Print Range" might be misaligned.




      In Adobe Reader 8, a dropdown appeared when you selected "File>Print" or the "Print Icon". The dropdown then gave you an option to "Print Current Documents" or "Print All Documents". Which basically provided you an option to print the entire "PDF Package" or choose to print only a section of the "PDF Package".



      In Adobe Reader 9, the option to choose between "Print Current Documents" or "Print All Documents" was removed.




      In fact I started to document the instances to see if its an isolated issue and it looks like it fails to print (as intended) 60% of the time. Of the 40% that does print as intended... it looks like half the time the "Print Range" is misconfigured.




      Also, I've noticed that Reader utilizes two different "Print Dialog" boxes.





      The testing scenario I set up was that you can print in three different ways:


          1. File>Print


          2. <ctrl + P>


          3. <print icon>



      Three ways to view the PDF package:


          1. Download PDF Package & view on your desktop via Adobe Reader


          2. View PDF Package on Firefox w/ Adobe Reader plugin


          3. View PDF Package on Internet Explored  w/ Adobe Reader plugin




      My computer is using:


      XP Pro SP3,  Acrobat Reader 9



      I've also spot tested on:


      XP Pro SP3, Acrobat Reader 8


      Vista, Acrobat Reader 8







      Any Ideas?