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    Moving an object in design mode


      Is there a way to move an object on its own layer, without Catalyst creating a "move action"?


      I've got thumbnails that invariably need to be positioned, but when I move them around, a move action is created in the timeline.


      I can't delete the move action.  All that does is remove the object from the timeline.

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          loosepaint Level 1

          Yes.  There is a way to do this.


          If you cut and paste the object (in this case a thumbnail linked to a larger image) you can move the newly pasted object without auto-generating a move transition in the timeline.


          This also taught me that linking actions to objects that might change is a bad idea.


          If you convert an actual thumbnail to a button and apply actions to it, you limit your ability to modify the design.


          To mitigate this, I've taken to creating an object the same size as the thumbnail and set the fill opacity to 0 so it reveals the actual thumb art but will still function as a button.  That way I can swap out the actual thumbnail images without disturbing my actions.



          I think if we were able to edit the code, it would be much easier to fix things like this, especially during beta testing.