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    Process that allows task completion in email example?

    mike.tx.edu Level 1

      I am having problems figuring out how to get started and if this is possible at all.


      I want to create a long-lived process that takes data from a database (SQL Server) and merges it into a PDF. This PDF will then need to be assigned to a user for approval. I want to attach the PDF form with merged data to the email sent to the user notifying them that they have a task to complete. The user can then open the attached form and complete the task by clicking a button on the form. Is this at all possible in LiveCycle ES 8.2.1 SP2?


      Any help or sample process to accomplish something like this would be helpful. I'm still new to all this... Thanks!

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          PraveenKumar D Level 1

          Hi Mike,


          Actually I  looked  for same  solution  but  did not get enough  materail .


          I am sure that Email Based approvals can be done in ES2  but am  not sure in ES8.2 SP2.


          But I  found some inforamation  saying  we can do  at  :: http://www.adobe.com/products/livecycle/upgrade/processmanagement.html (Click  the  first  point and  E-mail-based routing)


          In ES2,Users can approve  or reject the request  from Mobile  itself. For more information  :: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/articles/livecycle_forms_iphone_print.html



          ES2 Process Management gurus, please  help us.





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            Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

            This is definitely possible.


            First, make sure the email server settings are configured properly (under adminui/Services/Process Management/Server Settings/Email Settings).


            Then you need to make sure to set the settings to allow email notifications for new tasks (under adminui/Services/Process Management/Server Settings/Task Notification).


            Finally, the users also need to set some settings in Workspace to allow email notifications to be received (preferences/Manage UI Settings)



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              Diana Densmore

              Hi Mike

              In addition to what Jasmin has pointed out, you need to add an email endpoint on the Complete Task process.

              This allows users to click a Submit button on the form they received as a Task Notification attachment.

              The form and data are then emailed back to the LiveCycle server via the mailbox that you set up on the Complete Task endpoint.

              The Help for that endpoint is here: http://livedocs.adobe.com/livecycle/8.2/admin_aac/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm?&acces sible=true


              Make sure that on your Task Notification settings in adminui that you select both "Enable Task Notifications" and well as "Include Form Data".

              The user also needs to set "Attach Forms in Email" to Yes in their Workspace UI pereferences.



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                Scott Brodersen Level 4

                Here's some information about how to customize the body of the notification email that is sent:







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                  PraveenKumar D Level 1

                  Hi Diana,


                  I created all settings at admin console and workspace . But  I struke  in creating  the end point to the service.


                  Let me explain  my process.


                  I created one sample form and taking this as input asset to the process. I will enter  data  in workspace and sumbits.


                  Then assigns to manager  for approval or rejection. I am using assign task activity  to do the same.


                  After configuring  email end points to the service,  it is telling that inbox connection failed it seems  I gave  wrong inputs.


                  Please let me help how to do email end points or any video is available for the same ?




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                    Diana Densmore Level 3

                    Hi Praveen

                    Just a bit confused...this thread is about completing tasks offline. is that what you are trying to do or are or you starting them via email?


                    Just to clarify...adding an email endpoint on the Complete Task is only required if you want to "continue" workspace processes.

                    For example, a notification is sent to a user with the form and data attached. Now you want to send it back via email instead of looging into Workspace to complete it.


                    If you are "starting" a process via email, you use an email start point in the process.


                    A generic email startpoint and an email endpoint on the Complete Task require slightly different information, so I just want to confirm.


                    Inbox connection failed can happen for several reasons:


                    1. The Host, User name or Password field are incorrect.

                    2. The email server does not have POP3 enabled.

                    3. The POP3 port is incorrect. (The default is 110 but your server might be different or be enabled for https which is default 995.)

                    4. You are trying to create a start point/endpoint using gmail which is unsupported.



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                      mike.tx.edu Level 1

                      Hi Diana,


                      Thanks for the response. The email notifications with attached form is being sent properly to user who is assigned the task.


                      The next step in my process when a user gets assigned the task is to Approve or Reject the form to move along through the process. So on my Assign Task operation I have two routes, one labeled Approve and the other labeled Reject. In Workspace these buttons are automatically generated for you when you check "Initialize task with route names" and "User must select a route to complete this task", when completing the task in Workspace. I am stuck as to how I would make this work in email. I would like Approve and Reject buttons on the email notification attached form, so when the user opens and views the form they can complete the task here instead of going into Workspace. Can this be done? If so, how? Any examples you can provide would be much appreciated.



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                        Diana Densmore Level 3

                        Hi Mike


                        When you design your form, you need to include the Process Fields to handle this case.


                        Open your form in Designer and from the Custom Object Library, drag on the set of fields called "Process Fields".

                        This will give you an Action dropdown, a Submit button and some hidden fields.


                        When the user receives the pdf attached to the email, this Action dropdown will contain your choices from the routes leaving the Assign Task.

                        The user chooses one of these actions and then clicks Submit.

                        This value will then be submitted back to the server in the xdp data file that is attached to the email and the correct route will be taken.


                        Hope this helps.