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    I need help from the "super great ones" in cs4!

    First Website

      I created my first website in dream weaver cs4 without any knowledge of codes. Using internet explorer 8 or mozilla firefox, my website looks perferct. But if you open the website on internet explorer 7 or older version of explorer, the contents and the images of the website overlaps.  How can I fix this problem. www.metsecgroup.com

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Dreamweaver is a great program, but anyone here will tell you to run your page through the validator: http://validator.w3.org/ .  Dreamweaver does not always catch everything but that tool does.  Going through the errors here is what has happened:


          -You code looking like <tr></tr>.  You need to have a <td></td> inside.  However, the code around is <table>...</table>  In fact, there is nothing inside that table so I would remove everything from <table> to </table> at that point in your document.


          -The height="288" problem means that you just need to delete that and in the quotes right before it where it says "text-align: left;" type this after the ";" and inside the quote



          -The <meta> tag line needs to be moved anywhere between the <head> </head> tags


          The rest you can ignore in this validator.  Now in the second style validator: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ .  You have some errors with your CSS.  Most appear to be related.  All CSS style like the text-align: left; mentioned above is written in the format:


          style: attribute;


          You have some missing ";"s .  Also the opacity will not work in IE7 or 8.  Unfortunately this gets tricky, so if you site looks fine I would let this slide.

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            First Website Level 1

            Hello "great one," SnakEyez02,  many thanks for your help.  I went to the error validation site and there were 11 errors and 8 warnings reported on my site at http://validator.w3.org/ and on the second validation site, http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ there was 10 errors and 136 warnings reported. I understand you want me to fix my “code looking like <tr></tr>.  You need to have a <td></td> inside.”  How do I do that? Do I open my index file in dream weaver, go to “code view” and try to fix this problem? I never design a site before and coding is like a “new alien language ( waku- wa- ka- yokoo-ka ka)” to me.  I designed the entire site by importing images and using “Layout APDiv” function.  Please just help me fix one or two line error with step by step instructions and I will try to fix the rest. The attached document includes the entire code from my index page “code view”   I am using dream weave cs4. Thanks again.

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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional

              The updated HTML page is attached.  I wouldn't worry about the CSS validation. I double checked those files and can't figure out what's going on with that.  They seem to be in order.