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    How to detect end of FLV Video - and then call another web page?


      I'm using Flash CS3 v9 on a PC to...

      - use File > Import an AVI video and convert it to an FLV video.

      - use File > publish to publish it.

      - Then upload the four files...

      .. MyVideo.flv

      .. MyPage.html,

      .. MyPage swf

      .. AC_RunActiveContent.js

      to my website.

      Works Great!


      My Question:

      Since Javascript seems to run the .swf file which pays the .flv video... (or some such)

      Can I use Javascript (or html) to tell when the FLV Video has finished playing...

      And then automatically call another webpage...

      If so would someone be kind enough to share a code sample with me to get me quick started.


      Thanks for any help.