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    Shockwave Flash crashing


      Like many other people around(and I just noticed it was happening to other people once I started researching what was going on) my shockwave Flash is crashing. It crashes on all my web browsers (IE, Firefox, Google Chrome). I can see YouTube videos just fine and see the adobes test page(http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/) 100% fine too. The problem started today, since yesterday it was working just fine. After deleting everything I had downloaded before the flash wasn't working, it still didn't work.


      I have tried every fix out there, and nothing has coem to my success.


      I am running Windows 7 64bit, Nvidia GTX260 card, 6g ram, and an i7 920 Processor.


      Now my only questions it.


      Is there a fix or not?





      OK, so after a lot more research, I found this site "http://thetechangel.com/blogberry/2010/01/firefox-flash-fix-for-windows-64-bit/" which seemed to "fix" my flash problem. Now I can see flash on many more websites, but not all.


      There are two sites right now that flash keeps crashing on "http://www.chatroulette.com" and "http://tinychat.com/". Both are live chat, so I am guessing it might have something to do with that. Who ever responds to this, please check out the sites listed above and tell me if they work properly. If they do, then is defeintely something to do with my computer and I might consider formatting my computer.

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          So I solved my problem. It was a program called camstudio that was installed. I remember installing that right before the problems started. So i just uninstalled it, and then I uninstalled flash player and reinstalled it and works like a charm.


          If this doesn't work for you guys here are a couple of other fixes I have found out there that has helped many others:


          "Here at Adobe I believe we've managed to track down a possible fix from Sony.  The page that contains the fix is in Japanese so I've provided a direct link.  This will update the Sony driver that we suspect to be the cause of the crash.  We have not been able to reproduce this here but could really use your feedback.  Please try this out and report back your results.



          "ok, I believe I found a fix, at least to this issue, and it had nothing to do with flash, even though it crashed shockwave flash on chrome and FF. The issue is that there is an error on the way Bluetooth handles streaming videos from others and webcams. I know it sounds totally unrelated, but stick with me. What I did was I went in and changed one of the bluetooth files in my System 32 folder and this fixed it. Here's what I did:

          go to My Computer>C:(or whatever your hard drive is)> Windows>System32> then (scroll down to) find the file called "BtwVdpCapFilter.dll" and rename it anything else, I renamed it "BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll"


          This should fix your issues. Oh, BTW, I restarted my laptop just to make sure.


          God, I hope you guys get the same result as I did. Good luck."


          "Hey i've been having this same problem for a while now, where if i even started playing a video on youtube it would crash. I think that i solved to problem

          1. download the adobe flash uninstaller
          2. run the uninstaller
          3. restart your computer
          4. get the latest flash player from the adobe website


          i also updated my java, im not sure if that had anything to with it or not


          I hope that this helps some of you"