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    Problem W/Div Tag Code




      I've tried a number of different ways to get this right, but no luck.


      Here's the HTML:




        <div id="background">

        <div id="btext"><img src="../_images/Artwork/btext.gif" width="700" height="50" /></div>

        <div id="barrel"><img src="../_images/Artwork/B.jpg" width="800" height="600" /></div>





      Here's the btext CSS:



      #btext {

      background-repeat: no-repeat;

      border-top-style: none;

      width: 700px;

      margin-right: 50px;

      margin-left: 50px;

      border-right-style: none;

      border-bottom-style: none;

      border-left-style: none;




      Here's the problem:


      The "btext.gif" seems like it's pushing the "B.jpg" (background image) down, because in Live View, the color of the background image behind the "btext.gif" is a lighter shade. And there's also a white  line between the bottom of the btext div, and the top of the barrel div.


      I am trying to have the "btext.gif" appear at the top of the background image.


      Thank you.