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    Adobe Reader security update to 9.3.1 not working.


      I have updated adobe reader to 9.3.1 but in Secunia PSI it's still being reported as insecure.


      I uninstalled adobe reader completely, cleared all traces from the registry, and reinstalled 9.3.0, and let it check for updates. it said there weren't any.


      I downloaded the security fix to update it to 9.3.1 and installed it successfully.
      Adobe reader now says it's 9.3.1 in the Help About option on the help menu.


      However the Reader exe file AcroRd32.exe version is still dated 21/12/2009, as are all the plugin files except for the Forms plugin that is version dated 02/02/2010.


      I have since done a successful repair install of Adobe Reader, but PSI is still saying it's insecure because of the file version for AcroRd32.exe, and the plugin files except the Forms plugin,


      Why isn't the security update to 9.3.1 updating the exe file and plugins?  Is it even working at all and fixing the critical security risks it's supposed to be fixing? It would seem all it's doing is to change the Help/About screen to read 9.3.1, and changing the Forms plugin...  


      Running on WIndows 7 home premium.