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    Newbie image question.


      Hello everyone,


      I have a quick question about images. I am creating a website for my business, having no knowledge of website building I have managed through various tutorials on this site and other sites to get it almost finished (well, kind of, keep adding extra bits). The site is very image heavy as it is a greetings cards site. I have:

      medium images on the home page

      small thumbs and 1 large image using swap image behaviour and show/hide elements for the adjoining text for each card on various other pages throughout the site.


      I have hyperlinked the medium images from the home page to the pages that the thumbs and large image are on but it shows the first image in the thumbnail set and not the image that has been clicked on. I was wondering if there is any way to do this as I can't work it out but I am sure it must be do-able. Any help would really be appreciated as I am at a loss. Hope i've explained the issue well enough