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    How-to Basics or Help that doesn't...

    gdaminato Level 1

      I've been away from Flash for almost 10 years and now that I'm returning I remember doing certain things but I can't remember HOW to do them.


      Back then I could open the Help file, search and quickly find an answer. NOW - I open the help file, search and get nothing but irrelevant answers when ALL I WANT is very basic instructions. I've tried the on-line tutorials and, while they help, they aren't comprehensive and often skip over very basic but crucial details. I've tried searching the forums and I get even more irrelevant notes. It seems that no one is asking basic questions or the threads that deals with the basics just don't show up in my search results.


      know that once I get started, it will all seem to be very simple but it's so hard to get started. There has got to be a better way.


      While I'm here, I may as well what ask for what I'm looking for - how to you apply a label to a frame?