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    Permissions Trouble.




      I followed this tutorial for incorporating a Bridge Web Gallery into a Dreamweaver Page:




      I have two different galleries, and both work fine in Live View.


      But when I preview in a browser, I get:




      You don't have permission to access /Colorado/today/index.html on this server. And I can't access the other one, either.


      This is the HTML:


      <div id="background">

        <p> </p>

        <p> </p>

        <p> </p>


        <ul id="nav">

        <li><a href="#" id="here">Gallery</a>


        <li><a href="../today/index.html" target="gallery">Todayr</a></li>

        <li><a href="../yesterday/index.html" target="gallery">Yesterday</a></li>




        <div id="webgallery"><iframe src="../today/index.html" width="650" height="450" frameborder="0" name="gallery"></iframe>






      I understand what is meant by not having access, but I don't understand why I'm getting that message.


      Any idea where I messed up?


      Thank you.