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    Showing my work on the go

    Karlhevera Level 1

      I am developing a website which concerns anything and everything in a famous London Market street.  In order to show those whose details I show, what  I have achieved so far, what would be the best way to do this, without taking my main laptop to their place?  Also taking into consideration that they may not have a computer in their place?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Well it will be hard to show someone without a computer.  If Flash is out of the picture I would almost say you are the perfect customer for the iPad.  Otherwise buy a cheap laptop to take around with you.


          Or if you are just confirming information with them and they don't have access to a computer, mail them a printout of the page.

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            Karlhevera Level 1

            Thanks. Will have a look at iPad.  There is no Flash at the moment, although thinking of incorporating it later, when the bands featured in the Live Music section, provide it... I guess, the best idea would be to get a cheapie of a laptop.

            How would I achieve the show, if they do not have a WiFi or an internet connection?  What software would I need to install to show my pages?


            Am also looking at prices relating to mobile internet connection for the new laptop.  If reasonable, that would be the answer, I guess. Just go to my website..

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              Karlhevera Level 1

              IPads NOT sold in the UK yet.


              So, will have to get a cheapie of a laptop to haul my work around.  Do I have to install DW CS4 on that machine, so that I can show my pages when internet connection not available... I have seen also the possibility of connecting through my mobile, but that seems to be quite a pricey tool, as in the UK, it's all on contract, rather than pay as you go.