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    Scrolling Carousel (non-3D) Possible in current version of Flex?

    Sol Morse

      At work we want to use Flex for a site redesign.  One of the requirements is to have a carousel like the  one on http://www.yahoo.com.  Note: this is not a 3D carousel but a regular list with images and text.  3 items are to display at a a time.


      It should be able to continue scrolling infinitely in either direction, ie, when it comes to the end of the list start at the beginning.  Also, it should be able to display 3 items at a time. When clicking the forward/backward button, the 3 current items should be seen scrolling out and the next 3 scrolling in.


      I was able to come close to this using HorizontalList, but I could not get the scrolling effect as in Yahoo. 


      I read that in Flex 3 smooth scrolling was not implemented, but that in the next version it will be included.


      Any help/suggestions would be appreciate.  This is actually a show-stopper.  If we cannot get the carousel to act like the one on the Yahoo page, then we will have to look at other options.