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    Crop tool - face recognition & cropping

    scrmcurator Level 1

      I have a recurring job that requires me to crop and tone 400-500 mugshots on a regular basis. This requires me to crop the pictures to a standard size with the heads taking up about the same amount of the frame before toning the pictures for print reproduction. The incoming JPGs are wildly inconsistent on how big the heads are and where they are located in the frame -- and the original dimensions and resolution is very variable, too. Therefore, the usual auto-crop batch operations won't work. I need something that will automatically detect where the head is and perform a crop operation, preferably with options for how far from the face the edge of the crop is. I've seen some software out there that has face recognition, so I know this is technically possible. Building this into Photoshop's crop tool would be enough to make me upgrade from my old CS1. I'm attaching two examples of what I get, and what the final result is after all processing. Note that the heads are in different places in the raw JPGs and are different sizes. The TIFF is after cropping and toning for the press (this is printed on newsprint, which explains the awful look on screen).