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      So will this flex for linux be available for all systems that Eclipse supports?
      Also, what are its licensing plans? Can Flex 2 owners use Linux Flexbuilder 3 with the same key or will we just be able to extend the beta like we can right now with Win/Mac Flexbuilder 3?


      And darn I wish I was at MAX!
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          Arijit C Adobe Employee
          It is definitely our endeavour to support platforms that Eclipse 3.3 supports. However, the actual platforms we do support are going to be explicitly listed in the release notes for each release of the product. The release notes accompanying the current Alpha list the distributions we support.

          This is an Alpha product which we wanted out there with developers to get feedback on how its working and also what more developers would like to see it do. Serial numbers are not necessary for the Flex Builder Linux Alpha. And we have not made a decision on how serial keys from Flex Builder 2 may eventually be used with Flex Builder Linux.