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    Trying to learn

    RBH_EON Level 1

      I'm slowly getting started with Dreamweaver, very slowly.  Current issue:  I created a one column/fixed/header/footer page for my initial layout, I have changed the header, body, and footer backgrounds to my desired colors but I'm seeing a white space between the header and body and then again btween the body and footer. Both appear in Live View but when previewing in Firefox only the bottom white space appears. Any ideas?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          It is really difficult to tell without seeing the page or at least the code from the page.

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            RBH_EON Level 1


              I'm not sure you will be able to open this but I've attached a copy of the code

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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional

              It opened fine, it's just a text file.  I noticed only 2 instances of vertical padding (one for header h1 and one for footer p), but neither should attribute to this problem.  Can you post the HTML as well?

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                RBH_EON Level 1

                Here is the HTML file

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                  Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                  Yep, it's the HTML file.  Here is what needs to be corrected:


                  -Lines 17-18.  Both lines start with a <p> but none end with a </p>

                  -Line 18. The end of that line just says "<img" There is nothing there after it.  If there is nothing after it just delete the "<img", it serves no purpose and just makes the code invalid and thus confuses the browser.


                  Try making those validation changes and see if the browsers render your site better.  I have a feeling it was just not seeing the proper code pair (a start <p> without an end </p>) and it just though the paragraphs were continuing and creating the bad spacing.


                  Not to jump too far off topic because I'm not sure if you are designing for this photographer or if you are the photographer, either way there are really nice photos on the site.


                  Hopefully this fixes your problem, if not let me know and I'll take another look at it.

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                    RBH_EON Level 1

                    I think I just want to start over on this page, there are some other things that aren't looking right as well.


                    Thank you for the help, I'm sure I'll be back!


                    I am the photographer, I'm trying to duplicate the existing web site but in a format that I can work with rather than relying on a designer every time I want to make a change.