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    Basic Question (Need Help Relatively Quick)


      I just purchased Flash CS4, but haven't used Flash in years, and never used it for vids or audio, just animations.


      Is there a pre-made templated in Flash CS4 for an mp3 player?


      I was lead to believe that there were pre-fab template(s) included with Flash, or at least one, that would make it easy to import songs, vids etc., without having to really know/do much coding.


      However, I'm not finding anything as such in Flash CS4. Was I completely misinformed?


      Will I have to now go through some long tutorials online just to learn how to make an mp3 player with basic functions?


      I'm a little "pressed for time" in needing at least a functional mp3 player (with track listing etc.), but since I'm "pressed for time" in general, I do not have the time to learn how to do that myself right now.


      Can someone let me know what the deal is? Or if there is a free (I've seen a few supposed templates, but they have to be purchased) template/coding for an mp3 player somewhere?


      Thanks in advance.