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    Open Browser Window behavior not working


      Just getting started with DW from GL - have successfully imported a few sites into DW from GL and am having trouble getting the Open Browser Window behavior to work. Worked fine in GL, code is similar but different. Have tried different things and am out of ideas. I'm not too code-savy.


      Here's where the non-working behaviors/actions are: http://www.philasecurities.com/data/luncheon.html

      When a user clicks on the red "more..." links they should open a new browser window like they do in the "Click

      here for previous years..." section.


      Any help would be appreciated!

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          bregent Most Valuable Participant

          Remove the forward slash just before the open browser function definition. You will also need to make this a null link or return false else the page will also go the url, which btw is not valid since it's wrapped in parens.

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            grusvag Level 1

            bregent, thanks for your input but unfortunately most of that's greek to me. Could you either supply me with sample code for one of these links or explain what I'm doing wrong in the design mode? I've followed DW instructions and as far as I can tell I'm doing what I'm supposed to in the behaviors tag inspector. Not sure about some of the settings I should have when browsing for the linked file to open in the new browser window. What should the parameters be set to? What should the relative link be set to, document or site root? How about some of the other options like Select file name from: data sources, server, site root? I've messed with them and tried different combinations but nothings working for me.