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    Camera Raw 5.6 won't work in PSE-7


      Used Camera Raw 4.5 in PSE with an Olympus E-500 worked great with no problems.  I now have a new camera, Olympus E620 so I Installed CR 5.6 as per instructions.  I removed Camera Raw 8bi from the file formats folder as instructed.  it says that the Olympus Raw Format ORF files are not recognizable and will not import them.  In my About plug ins... menue both the old and the new camera raw versions are listed.  I removed the new CR 8bi file so there is no such file in the file formats folder any more at all, now  about plug ins just lists CR 4.5.  Is there another file other than 8bi that I have to remove to get rid of camera raw 4.5?  Any other ideas?