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    Component that will do flow layout in X number of columns (silverlight has one?)

    rickcr Level 1

      I'm new to Flex and going crazy trying to find a flex component that will let my add Chekboxes to the component, and the component will flow the layout of the checkboxes into X number of columns (prefer fixed veritcal height with scrollabars.) I'd prefer it if the layout of checkboxes 'fills up column 1 first, then moves to column 2,  fills up column 2, etc. (Like reading a newspaper.)


      The closest solution I've found is TileBox, but I can't seem to get the checkboxes to show up (the label field does.) I also looked at google's flexlib FlowBox but that doesn't make columns.


      What's frustrating is the one team did their prototype in Silverlight and I asked the guy how he managed the checkboxes in a box with columns, and he said it was easy - that Silverlight had a component that handled it for him.


      I could obviously work on coding this myself (taking the size of the array / number cols, etc.), but I would have thought such a component would have existed already?