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    Urgent - Flex builder internal error

    Mainmanian Level 1

      I am running into this Flex Builder internal error when I run a debug session


      An internal error occurred during: "child count update"


      This happens to me in my app which load a swf (AS2). This is a proxy swf I use to get AS2 to talk to AS3 swf.


      If I remove the loader, then I do not have the error.


      This is severely hampering my efforts to debug my app, for which thsi proxy swf is important. Has any one encountered this? Thanks

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          as4more Level 1

          I got a similar error while...

                      var dataString:String = swfBA.toString();

          for purposes of trying to obsufacate via String replace() to a SWF loaded into a ByteArray decompressed and deserialized for class name extraction, etc..

          [Cause without it we're not protected!?! but that's another story about decompilers and code theft.]

          Ultimately I'll look for another way another day, but I thought it might help you to mention it.


          Oh Flash Builder 4 with latest SDK 4+ 64bit windows 7 and it's about a 4MB SW FFlex source.