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    I only want AE 6.5

    Kurt_777 Level 1



      Wondering if it's possible to still buy After Effects version 6.5?


      If not, is it possible to buy a used AE 6.5 that's been activated already, and install and activate it on my computer?



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          Kurt_777 Level 1

          That's the Windows standard version of After Effects 6.5 that I want. I know I can get an After Effects 6.5 upgrade, but since I don't have any version of AE yet, that's not an option.


          The current version of AE is beyond my budget, and will stay that way indefinitely. However, I'd like to try at least a demo of 6.5 to see if it's worth buying.


          Can anyone advise me how I can get this?



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            6.5 was a long time ago. The only way I know to get it is to find someone that has a copy that they didn't use for an upgrade, then go through the transfer of license procedure. It's the only legal way unless someone out there has a copy of AE6.5 that they never licensed. The sale or purchase of out of software can be a real sticky business and can result in prosecution and fines if it is not handled properly.


            You'll find the transfer of license procedure by clicking HERE.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              As Rick explained, you can try to get a used copy somewhere, but that's it. You also should not confuse things - all versions prior to v7 only used serials, not an activation. The license transfer pertains to whether the serial was registered on whoever user you buy it from, which is utetrly unrelated. if he never bothered to register, then this can be a normal purchase liek any other. From the technical end, you should be aware, however, that those older versions do not run on Win Vista/ Win 7, or at least have severe problems, so consider this carefully.



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                Kurt_777 Level 1

                Thanks, Rick. Definitely don't want to get on the wrong side of the Law just for a piece of software.



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                  Kurt_777 Level 1

                  Thanks, Mylenium. I'm still running XP, so that shouldn't be a problem, hopefully. Good information re: serial numbers. I didn't know that. I suppose there could be somebody around who didn't register their copy.... just have to keep looking, I guess.