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    "Favorite" layers.

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      How about the ability to choose specific layers or folders as "favorites" and have the ability to quickly jump between them.  You can click a little star icon or whatever in the layers palette.  And all the favorites would be instantly accessible through a Favorites palette (like Actions button mode)


      Example: I am working on a particularly complex file with lots of layers and deeply nested folders.  I usually need to adjust a handful while making tweaks.  But if some are at the top of a layer stack, and some are at the bottom, it means scrolling scrolling scrolling between them.  And if they are deeply buried folders in folders in folders, it can take a bit of work to unfold everything and dig down to the layer you want.


      A list of "favorite" or bookmarked layers would let me click on on a palette, or hit a hotkey (next/prev Favorite) to quickly jump through layers I will be working with a lot.  Would also be useful when dealing with text layers that need to be updated/changed frequently. Set a text layer as a favorite, and no matter where it is in the layer hierarchy, you can jump straight to it.  Also handy when handing a file off to someone -- as you can bookmark the layer that needs changes or correction.

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          Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

          Yes Navarro - this is  a very good idea. And the starting point to a few other things that would be useful …


          The ability to ignore, highlight, or hide altogether certain layers in the layers panel, would be a great bonus. Maybe having "Visible Collections" of layers, almost like 'Workspaces' for the layers panel, would be a great idea. Most of this would be better hidden under the surface of the interface so its not getting in the way. An advanced feature accessible as a Preference maybe.

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            DocPixel-BMW Level 2

            +1 ! That would also be great across the entire CS Suite i.e Illustrator and InDesign.