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    H.264 playback stutter in Premiere Pro CS4




      Adobe Premiere Pro CS4


      Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

      3GB RAM

      32 bit Windows Vista SP2



      I'm having problems with the playback of H.264 video files in Premiere Pro CS4. The files are 1280x720 60FPS clips, ranging in size from 8MB to 40MB, and they were shot with a Kodak Zi8 handheld HD camera.


      The clips play fine with the following players on my computer -- VLC, Windows Media Player, and Media Player Classic. However, when importing the clips into Premiere and viewing them either in the preview pane or the timeline, the video is stuttering heavily. This is impeding my editing work as the only way to smoothly view the clips in Premiere is to drop them in the timeline and render the project, but I obviously can't work like this because I cannot render the entire project every time I drop in a new clip, or add an effect, or rearrange a clip, etc.


      I'm at a loss as to a solution here, any help would be appreciated.

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