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    Windows Server 2008

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      Just upgraded to Server 2008 and Unable to install CPS.  Annoying since I have a volume license.  Tried the updater, but no luck.  Saw an earlier post linking to a blog, it didn't work...well the first half did, but when trying to start the service, it was a no go.  Even restarted to server to see if that helped.  Any ideas? Adobe doesn't ssem to want to support their products.

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          I too had trouble getting CPS 1.11 to install on 2008 - it would hang.


          I finally succeeded after setting the installer to run in compatibility mode:

          • Right-click on the CPSWin.exe installer and select Properties
          • Select Compatibility tab
          • Check box to run in compatibility mode
          • Select "Windows Server 2003 (Service Pack 1)"
          • Click OK


          Then I ran the installer and it completed successfully.  After it was installed, everything worked ok just fine with no need to make any further compatibility mode changes.


          Hope this helps someone....

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            Your are SOOOO AWESOME! You d' man! (or woman)


            What a lifesaver.  Finally!  Worked like a charm.  AT first it looked like it might hang, but in then shot off like a rocket!  Adobe should listen let others know!